Hotel in Abastumani

This is a very new Hotel in Abastumani. Actually, it is like Guesthouse and built in 2014 year. We have lovely, friendly personal and very nice, modern interier design in the house. It is a place where you can rest for several weeks with fresh air and natural environment. This webpage will help you to understand our location, services and offer. This is a place which is the best in Abastumani. We really love guests and are ready to welcome you.


The hotel has 3 main floors. The first floor is isolated from other floors, has its own yard and bath. The price for this whole floor is around 70 GEL and 3-4 persons can live here. The second and third floors have one yard. We have very lovely kitchen on the second floor, which can be used by second and third floors together. If you wish, that we provide breakfast or such services, please contact us forward. On the second floor, there are 2 rooms and they have 1 common bath. The third floor has also one bath, so, guests can take a bath on second or third floors. You can see 4 rooms on the third floor.
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